To Know

What the future holds, nobody knows. 

We live in a state of confusion, fearing the unknown.

Would it really be useful to know everything?

Would knowing everything that will happen to us-

A year from now,

Or, a month from now,

Or, a week from now,

Or, even a day from now help us in any way? 

Would it really benefit us to know what is going to transpire?

Or, would that just send us into a spiraling void,

Where the only thoughts we have is-

What is the point of it all?
People say “Ignorance is bliss”.

And in not knowing what the future holds,

It stands true. 

But not knowing right from wrong,

Not knowing how to tell the truth,

Not knowing how to admit we are wrong,

Not knowing the difference between good and bad,

Is not being ignorant,

It is a simple case of being human. Because, it is easier to do the wrong thing,

It is easier to lie,

It is easier be stubborn,

It is easier to choose between something easy, and someghing difficult.



This confused state,

When will we be liberated?

This unknown predicamen

Of what to do next,

When will things be ascertained?

When will we know what to do?

When will things be clear as day?

When will we escape this gray


The answer, you ask?

I dont know. 

No one does. 

We just do what we think is right.

We just do what we feel is right.

We just do what we want. 

And what we want, 

Could lead to our ruin. 

So we do what we have to. 

Not knowing what comes next.

Though we all yearn to know.