On a bench at 10:00 a.m.,

Isolated, whilst surrounded by them.

The professor delivering her well versed speech,

Which my ears refuse to reach.

She drawls on and on.

I would much rather sit here feeling torn.

Thinking of a future that is so uncertain,

Making my head ache with all the questions.

The future that fills me with anxiety

Is looming over me,

Mirroring the clouds that hide the sun.

What is my life going to become?

The question that will be bring me to my end,

Frantically looking for the sign that was not sent

By entities that should bring me hope

While I hold on to the rope.



What does the future look like?

Does it have a light of its own calling out to you like a beacon?

Is it full of embers straying away from a fire that you have to save from dying out?

Is there a torrent trying to blow out the light from a candle?

Are you looking for a matchstick that can light up the path?

Or, is there a darkness that seeks to swallow you whole?

Tomorrow is inevitable, it is looming on you,

Action has to be taken,

What do you do?

Do you follow a path that has been laid out for you?

Do you take the road less tread on?

Are you going to walk through the valley of the unknown?

Or, will you dig through the earth and create a new path for others to follow?


Thoughts flee from the brain-

As I try to grasp at something that makes sense.

The brain which ought to produce these thoughts,

Fail me at this moment.

A dense cloud covers the nerves which carry the thoughts 

And the mind becomes a great abyss. 

Thoughts float in this abyss in a haphazard manner

And nothing makes sense.

Nothing comes to the surface.

And I try, but to no avail, 

To grasp at any random thought.

Any random one that can make sense of the things around me. 

But nothing surfaces from the mind.

The abyss which hold my thoughts, mirrors the world I live in,

The world, which I too, will leave at some point,

Just as thoughts have left the control centre of my body.

No one understands this world, 

We may try to.

But any questions answered-

Lead to more questions, 

Making it an unending circle of the unknown.

An unending circle of searching for a light in the dark abyss.

An unending circle of perpetually looking for more.


I caught a glimpse as he passed by.
Never before, had I seen a face like that,

A face that could draw me in with just one look from those eyes.

Eyes that pulled me into a trance,

Eyes that looked passed mine,

And into the deepest corners of my soul.

I couldn’t look away.

I was left naked and barren under that gaze

Which scrutinised me without my acquiescence.
I was intrigued, and scared.

Little did I know, that those eyes-

Those beautiful eyes that bore into my soul-

Would lead to my destruction.

I let them draw me in.

I realised, too late, that some phenomena had occurred,

Some irrational thing.

I was hooked.

I was caught.

I was forever lost in those beautiful eyes.

Lose Myself 

I delve into a reality that is not mine. 

I get lost in words that are not mine. 

I lose myself in thoughts that belong to people created in my head. 

Their actions seem to impact me more than those around me.

My mind is caught up in a fantasy. 

A world where good trumps evil;

A world with solutions undeniably present;

A world where magic thrives;

A world filled with wonder;

And a world where anything is possible.
But, I have to remember to come back to reality.

To live the life that belongs to me;

To live in a world where evil prevails;

Where everyone is too scared to do the right thing;

To live in a world where problems grow in size, and solutions float farther away. 

To live in a world filled with monotony;

Where wonder ceases to exist;

A world where possibilities diminish.
I therefore choose to bury myself in the world where everything is easier.

Something Lost

To lose something irreplaceable-
Is to lose a piece of your being.
This something, which has been with you all your life,
Is suddenly wrenched away, by unseen hands.
And life comes to a halt.

To lose something irreplaceable-

Is to lose a piece of your being.

This something, which has been with you all your life,

Is suddenly wrenched away, by unseen hands.

And life comes to a halt.
Never before has it occurred to you,

That this thing-

This thing you’re so attached to-

Could one day be lost forever.

Life goes on without it,

But something seems to be amiss.

So a quest for a replacement commences.

Something akin to it is found.

But, no voids have been filled.

The voids have merely been covered up

With fragments that easily come undone.
The search is continued in vain,

With an unrelenting hope

That the void inside you

Will cease to exist.

Unknowingly and unaware of it,

Life without the thing, seems easier.

Life continues.

And Hope navigates you through it.