The feeling of accomplishment overwhelms you.

You have finally done something exceptional.

You are on a high that could make you fly.

Only to realise,

You have successfully attained the status of being ordinary.

There are the succeeders and the losers,

The average are thrown on a pile of “just okays”.

There are the intellectuals and the foolish,

The average are discarded onto a pile of “fair”.

There will always be someone prettier or, uglier.

Fatter or, thinner.

Taller or, shorter.

Better or, worse.

There is always someone who is more than you

And someone who is less than you.

The average are insignificant.

The average are mundane.

The average are lost in a sea of unexceptional.

Ever feel like you have accomplished something?

Well, congratulations!

You have successfully attained mediocrity.


Pseudo Fear

Sitting in darkness-

Her heart was heavy.

Clouded with an unawareness-

She was consumed by self-pity.

Something was going to devour her-

In it’s fearsome way.

What was happening to her centre?

This feeling would not go away.

She sat down-

Listening to the the rhythm of her heart,

It’s beats intensifying in speed and sound.

Aggressively tearing her apart,

Within her, the feeling was breeding.

Spreading it’s branches-

It was agonising.

The feeling was making it’s advances.

She wanted to flee from her fears-

But all she could do was expel her tears.

A light dimmed inside her,

As it dawned on her that she had no one.

No one to talk to.

No one to share her pseudo fears with.

No one to cry to.

She realised

That there was no point.


Thoughts flee from the brain-

As I try to grasp at something that makes sense.

The brain which ought to produce these thoughts,

Fail me at this moment.

A dense cloud covers the nerves which carry the thoughts 

And the mind becomes a great abyss. 

Thoughts float in this abyss in a haphazard manner

And nothing makes sense.

Nothing comes to the surface.

And I try, but to no avail, 

To grasp at any random thought.

Any random one that can make sense of the things around me. 

But nothing surfaces from the mind.

The abyss which hold my thoughts, mirrors the world I live in,

The world, which I too, will leave at some point,

Just as thoughts have left the control centre of my body.

No one understands this world, 

We may try to.

But any questions answered-

Lead to more questions, 

Making it an unending circle of the unknown.

An unending circle of searching for a light in the dark abyss.

An unending circle of perpetually looking for more.

Missing Piece

We all look for someone to complete us. 

But being aware of ourselves,

Seems to be the only thing worth searching for. 

Would having someone in our lives, 

Give our lives meaning?

Would our lives finally be complete? 

This missing puzzle-piece we all seek

Seems to be causing carnage in our lives. 

This special someone, we all seek, seems to be causing us to scrutinize situations,

Sending us into a state of affliction.

Would being unaccompanied, and finding solace in that,

Be that bad?