The words I utter cannot be comprehended,

My thoughts can never be articulated,

The only ones that understand me

Are those of the same stature.


Terror struck hearts.

Cries of agony ignored.

We only see the bars that ensnare us.

We hear them communicate,

While we seek escape.

The barred walls are carried,

Stored in a vessel amongst others.

Our obsolete future looming over us.

Our cries remain unheeded.

The vessel is opened.

The cries turn to whimpers.

The light shines through.

Sounds and smells from a distant memory haunt us with whispers-

Of a past or a fantastical dream.

We’re finally “free”.

But we live in constant fear.



On a bench at 10:00 a.m.,

Isolated, whilst surrounded by them.

The professor delivering her well versed speech,

Which my ears refuse to reach.

She drawls on and on.

I would much rather sit here feeling torn.

Thinking of a future that is so uncertain,

Making my head ache with all the questions.

The future that fills me with anxiety

Is looming over me,

Mirroring the clouds that hide the sun.

What is my life going to become?

The question that will be bring me to my end,

Frantically looking for the sign that was not sent

By entities that should bring me hope

While I hold on to the rope.


The feeling of accomplishment overwhelms you.

You have finally done something exceptional.

You are on a high that could make you fly.

Only to realise,

You have successfully attained the status of being ordinary.

There are the succeeders and the losers,

The average are thrown on a pile of “just okays”.

There are the intellectuals and the foolish,

The average are discarded onto a pile of “fair”.

There will always be someone prettier or, uglier.

Fatter or, thinner.

Taller or, shorter.

Better or, worse.

There is always someone who is more than you

And someone who is less than you.

The average are insignificant.

The average are mundane.

The average are lost in a sea of unexceptional.

Ever feel like you have accomplished something?

Well, congratulations!

You have successfully attained mediocrity.


Three years gone by,

Like the blink of an eye.

As I sit and reminisce,

I begin to realise all that I will miss.

Commenced with walks in crowded hallways,

A disoriented expression across my face.

Sat on benches with strangers,

Who I shied away from, because of their demeanours,

I clung to the person I knew best,

Too afraid to get along with the rest.

A year went by,

With utterances of hello and goodbye.

These strangers turned to classmates,

Who all had stories to relate.

I opted to adhere to the people I knew,

Hesitant toward anything new,

Came off as arrogant to some,

Oblivious about the obstacles we were yet to overcome.

In the second year,

The proximity evaporated our fears.

We came together to get a job done,

This was where our coalition begun.

We strolled through the hallways,

Everything was a haze.

Bonds were made, too late,

As our time together began to fade.

The last few months have been a roller coaster of emotions,

As our lives are set in motion.

We sit in benches with more than just strangers,

With people who are more than just backbenchers.

I begin to regret,

Not acquainting myself sooner with those who I met.

I let the memories stay with me,

While we go our separate ways, and be free.

But, I will always remember,

The English Department, that was our moulder.

Pseudo Fear

Sitting in darkness-

Her heart was heavy.

Clouded with an unawareness-

She was consumed by self-pity.

Something was going to devour her-

In it’s fearsome way.

What was happening to her centre?

This feeling would not go away.

She sat down-

Listening to the the rhythm of her heart,

It’s beats intensifying in speed and sound.

Aggressively tearing her apart,

Within her, the feeling was breeding.

Spreading it’s branches-

It was agonising.

The feeling was making it’s advances.

She wanted to flee from her fears-

But all she could do was expel her tears.

A light dimmed inside her,

As it dawned on her that she had no one.

No one to talk to.

No one to share her pseudo fears with.

No one to cry to.

She realised

That there was no point.

Here I Stand

I stand in a field,

Surrounded by hundreds of my kin.

Brightly coloured and beautiful-

I attract the birds, the bees, and insects of all kinds.

The aroma I exude-

Draws many living things toward me, as they try to unwind.

Storms come and go-

Yet, here I stand, with my brothers and sisters,

Unharmed and unaffected.

Four-legged creatures, with vicious demeanours come and go-

Yet, here I stand, with my brothers and sisters,

Untouched and unmoved.

Days go by,

I grow,

I stand erect.

Nothing can ruin me.

Nothing can bring me harm.

I am immortal.

A two-legged creature wanders into the field.

All around me I see my brothers and sisters cower.

In an effort to hide and remain unseen-

They attempt to furl themselves, unnatural for a flower.

I stand tall in my place,

Ensuring them that nothing can harm us,

Not a living creature.

The two-legged being bends down-

Grabbing me by my lean stalk.

Terror runs through every molecule of my being,

Never have I been held like that.

I look around, as death tries to smother me.

Before I am able to warn my kin,

I ceased to exist.


What does the future look like?

Does it have a light of its own calling out to you like a beacon?

Is it full of embers straying away from a fire that you have to save from dying out?

Is there a torrent trying to blow out the light from a candle?

Are you looking for a matchstick that can light up the path?

Or, is there a darkness that seeks to swallow you whole?

Tomorrow is inevitable, it is looming on you,

Action has to be taken,

What do you do?

Do you follow a path that has been laid out for you?

Do you take the road less tread on?

Are you going to walk through the valley of the unknown?

Or, will you dig through the earth and create a new path for others to follow?

Four Years Older

Four years older, 

And five times wiser. 

Four years older,

And ten times stronger.

The journey that is your life,

Keeps me in awe-

Of all that you have gone through.

Survival is a whole new meaning when it comes to you,

You have taught me so much,

Without it dawning on you,

And, for that, I cherish having you as a sister.
You taught me to never give up,

To strive for what I believe in.

You taught me to not let others put me down,

And to not let hateful words affect me.

You have taught me take whatever live throws in my direction,

Head on, and to cope with the changes that come with it.
Thank you, for showing me right from wrong,

Thank you, for teaching me to be strong.

Thank you, for demonstrating how to survive,

Thank you, for the being you have given life.

Thank you, for being you.