Here I Stand

I stand in a field,

Surrounded by hundreds of my kin.

Brightly coloured and beautiful-

I attract the birds, the bees, and insects of all kinds.

The aroma I exude-

Draws many living things toward me, as they try to unwind.

Storms come and go-

Yet, here I stand, with my brothers and sisters,

Unharmed and unaffected.

Four-legged creatures, with vicious demeanours come and go-

Yet, here I stand, with my brothers and sisters,

Untouched and unmoved.

Days go by,

I grow,

I stand erect.

Nothing can ruin me.

Nothing can bring me harm.

I am immortal.

A two-legged creature wanders into the field.

All around me I see my brothers and sisters cower.

In an effort to hide and remain unseen-

They attempt to furl themselves, unnatural for a flower.

I stand tall in my place,

Ensuring them that nothing can harm us,

Not a living creature.

The two-legged being bends down-

Grabbing me by my lean stalk.

Terror runs through every molecule of my being,

Never have I been held like that.

I look around, as death tries to smother me.

Before I am able to warn my kin,

I ceased to exist.


My Beautiful Sister

Confident in herself,

She struts around-

And makes the world her runway.

Believing in herself,

She walks around-

With no obstacles in her path.

This strong, confident woman:

Is my beautiful sister.

Solving problems like a ten-piece puzzle,

She’s the one to go to.

A word of advice at the tip of her tongue,

She’s the one to talk to.

The smartest, the wittiest, and the bravest heart:

She is my beautiful sister.

Moments created together-

Forever cherished.

Laughs shared in each other’s company-

Forever doted on.

Mundane conversations, and exceptional ones-

Forever looked forward to.

These are the few things I do-

With my beautiful sister.

My confidante,

My companion,

My friend,

My comrade,

She is my beautiful sister.

Four Years Older

Four years older, 

And five times wiser. 

Four years older,

And ten times stronger.

The journey that is your life,

Keeps me in awe-

Of all that you have gone through.

Survival is a whole new meaning when it comes to you,

You have taught me so much,

Without it dawning on you,

And, for that, I cherish having you as a sister.
You taught me to never give up,

To strive for what I believe in.

You taught me to not let others put me down,

And to not let hateful words affect me.

You have taught me take whatever live throws in my direction,

Head on, and to cope with the changes that come with it.
Thank you, for showing me right from wrong,

Thank you, for teaching me to be strong.

Thank you, for demonstrating how to survive,

Thank you, for the being you have given life.

Thank you, for being you.