To Know

What the future holds, nobody knows. 

We live in a state of confusion, fearing the unknown.

Would it really be useful to know everything?

Would knowing everything that will happen to us-

A year from now,

Or, a month from now,

Or, a week from now,

Or, even a day from now help us in any way? 

Would it really benefit us to know what is going to transpire?

Or, would that just send us into a spiraling void,

Where the only thoughts we have is-

What is the point of it all?
People say “Ignorance is bliss”.

And in not knowing what the future holds,

It stands true. 

But not knowing right from wrong,

Not knowing how to tell the truth,

Not knowing how to admit we are wrong,

Not knowing the difference between good and bad,

Is not being ignorant,

It is a simple case of being human. Because, it is easier to do the wrong thing,

It is easier to lie,

It is easier be stubborn,

It is easier to choose between something easy, and someghing difficult.


Fit In

What is beauty?

We all pretend to know what it is.

But is beauty what we feel something is? 

Or, do we just say something is beautiful, just to fit in? 

Isn’t that what we all want?

To fit in?

What, then, is fitting in?

Thinking the way other people do? 

Feeling the way other people do?

No one would be special then. 

To be special, to mean something,

That is what we all crave for. 

So we do what people do,

We try to fit in. 
But on this path to “fitting in”,

We lose ourselves,

And forget what we are. 

Dear Brother

Twenty-nine years have gone by,

And each year that goes by-

My respect for you grows.

Eight years, I did not know you,

And I wish I had.

I recall little of the first few years that I knew you,

Yet I know that I always respected and cared for you.

I saw you in school everyday, but not at home.

And when I visited you on the weekends,

I was always in awe of you. 
Years passed, and an artist blossomed.

An artist who was passionate about what he loved,

And about what he belived in.

Family was always on your mind, 

And you always stood up for us. 
The strength you show, when times are tough-

Is something I will always admire. 

The love you have, for the sisters that follow you-

Is something I will always cherish.

The talent you have-

Is something I will always be envious of.

The things you do when people overstep-

Is something I will always applaud.

And the love you have for your family-

Is something I will always hold in high regard. 


This confused state,

When will we be liberated?

This unknown predicamen

Of what to do next,

When will things be ascertained?

When will we know what to do?

When will things be clear as day?

When will we escape this gray


The answer, you ask?

I dont know. 

No one does. 

We just do what we think is right.

We just do what we feel is right.

We just do what we want. 

And what we want, 

Could lead to our ruin. 

So we do what we have to. 

Not knowing what comes next.

Though we all yearn to know.

Grow Up

A young girl left her hometown to see the world.

Leaving her lover’s and friends’ faces stained with tears.

She was anticipating the journey that lay ahead of her,

But, little did she know that life was about to deviate from the path she laid down. 
She arrived at the destination with open arms,

The destination that brought forth events that rewired her whole self.

She had to toughen up more than she had envisioned

To take on the challenge life brought her with a belief that she would overcome anything.
She put on a brave face to hide her emotions,

And everyone was deceived of the life she was living in that distant place. 

She handled life alone, in an alien land,

And grew up to become a woman who could now face anything life threw at her.

Best Wishes

​At a certain point in our lives,

We all enter a new phase. 

Men get married to their wives,

Women bear children to brighten their days. 

I know a woman,

Who recently pleged to live with a man,

Her mom walked her down the aisle,

Followed by her bridesmaids in single file. 

She overcame all the obstacles 

That sought to slow her down,

And her special day was quite a spectacle. 

She made her away across town,

To be blessed by those too ill to witness the event.

That in itself, was another round of emotions,

Which moved all who were present. 

Later she made her way to the reception,

Where people continued to bless the happy couple.

Now, they embark on a new journey,

Just the two, with time that is ample.

I wish them days that are always bright and sunny,

No matter what the weather may be outside. 

I wish them a blessed life,

And forever be a happy man and wife. 

Bottled Thoughts

​Bottled up thoughts constantly haunt me.

Thoughts that would make people see me as simply human,

Thoughts that could hurt people,

And thoughts that could alter relationships.
I bottle up these thoughts,

Because no one is compelled to know what I feel,

To know what I think, and to know what goes through my mind.

I bottle up everything, because it seems the easier thing to do.
I have no identity, 

I have no doubt that who I am, 

Does not affect anyone. 

I live to please people.

But am selfish in the eyes of others

As I try to voice out my thoughts,

And to attempt to not bend to people’s wills. 

I simply exist in a world where no one gives a shit. 


​She goes through life like it’s a dream.

She does not want to voice her opinions,

Because no one can be satisfied.

She does not want to speak her thoughts,

Because feelings are hurt. 

She does not want to hear what people think about her,

Because she could not care less of what they think. 
She knows that this is reality.

She is opiniated,

And her voice satisfies no one.

Her thoughts are spoke aloud,

And emotions are hurt. 

She hears what people think about her,

But is so used to the judgments,

It all rolls off her. 
All she wants to do is make people happy,

But no one is ever satisfied by what she does.

Her opinions and thoughts don’t matter

Because someone else’s thoughts and opinions

Have greater effect on people.

She wants to be heard. 

She wants to be seen. 

But she’s just a shadow, 

Going through life in a dream,

With no one beside her. 


​Disappointment filled her eyes,

As she learned of what had happened.

Lies, half-truths and deception 

Were means he often used to get his way.

A boy, barely a man, 

Who grew up too fast, without her realising it.

She tried to slow it down

But, that was a catalyst that brought him to his ruin.

She feared that nothing could save him. 

She did not possess the ability to change his ways,

She always felt incompetent in front of him.

All she could do was set him free,

And allow him to grow out of the defiance.

All she could do was set him free,

And hope for the best.
He was just a boy,

Looking for her approval.

He craved for the attention

That was wrapped up in other people around him.

He told lies, half-truths and deceieved everyone

To get what he thought he needed and deserved.

Though he was barely an adult, 

He saw that he was on a path to his ruin. 

He sees the fear in her eyes, 

The fear that he’s beyond saving. 

He finally has her attention, and he is ready to change. 

She set him free, and he faltered.

He believed he was beyond saving too,

All the hope he had, was gone.

Seperated and alone,

They learnt that communication was key. 

They seeked each other out,

And they found their way to each other.

Afraid to say anything yet,

They embraced. 

They built up the confidence to say something,

And they finally talked. 

He told her he would stop the deception, 

She realised that all he needed was her approval. 

But it was too late. 

He had already done his part, 

He was beyond saving,

Talking wouldn’t have helped him. 

He was lost forever. 


​I see things in black and white. 

Monochromatic screens that wipe out 

All the colour that is supposed to brighten up my life.

I look up to the sky and see grey,

I look all around me and see black and white, 

Or the grey middle area. 

I hear people talk of colour in their lives,

The bright sunny yellows, the deep blue seas,

The green trees, the red roses.

All I see is dull grey skies, black seas,

Dark grey trees and even darker roses.
I suddenly notice the brightest splash of colour

For the first time in my life. 

I wonder what it is,

And am immediately drawn to it. 

It’s in the form of a T-shirt,

On a boy with the face the could light up the world with a smile. 

I stare at the colour in awe

And follow it like a beacon beckoning me.

He stops and I get close enough to look at the colour that blinded me.

He notices me staring and a look of confusion crosses his face.

I reach my hand out and touch the colour.
All of a sudden my hand changes from a grey 

To a colour I cannot yet describe. 

A sudden explosion in the form of colours take place,

Spreading from my finger on the boy to the rest of me.

The ground I stand on changes colour,

The sky above me changes colour,

People all around have changed from grey

To diffenret shades of the colour of my skin.

I look up and I finally see the blue sky,

I finally see the bright yellow of the sun,

I finally see flowers with a variety of colours and shades.
I remember the boy in front of me,

He looks at me with big brown eyes

That draw me in.

His eyes seem to be asking me questions

That were unuttered by the mouth.

I smile at him and he returns it willingly.