Lose Myself 

I delve into a reality that is not mine. 

I get lost in words that are not mine. 

I lose myself in thoughts that belong to people created in my head. 

Their actions seem to impact me more than those around me.

My mind is caught up in a fantasy. 

A world where good trumps evil;

A world with solutions undeniably present;

A world where magic thrives;

A world filled with wonder;

And a world where anything is possible.
But, I have to remember to come back to reality.

To live the life that belongs to me;

To live in a world where evil prevails;

Where everyone is too scared to do the right thing;

To live in a world where problems grow in size, and solutions float farther away. 

To live in a world filled with monotony;

Where wonder ceases to exist;

A world where possibilities diminish.
I therefore choose to bury myself in the world where everything is easier.


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