Dear Brother

Twenty-nine years have gone by,

And each year that goes by-

My respect for you grows.

Eight years, I did not know you,

And I wish I had.

I recall little of the first few years that I knew you,

Yet I know that I always respected and cared for you.

I saw you in school everyday, but not at home.

And when I visited you on the weekends,

I was always in awe of you. 
Years passed, and an artist blossomed.

An artist who was passionate about what he loved,

And about what he belived in.

Family was always on your mind, 

And you always stood up for us. 
The strength you show, when times are tough-

Is something I will always admire. 

The love you have, for the sisters that follow you-

Is something I will always cherish.

The talent you have-

Is something I will always be envious of.

The things you do when people overstep-

Is something I will always applaud.

And the love you have for your family-

Is something I will always hold in high regard. 



This confused state,

When will we be liberated?

This unknown predicamen

Of what to do next,

When will things be ascertained?

When will we know what to do?

When will things be clear as day?

When will we escape this gray


The answer, you ask?

I dont know. 

No one does. 

We just do what we think is right.

We just do what we feel is right.

We just do what we want. 

And what we want, 

Could lead to our ruin. 

So we do what we have to. 

Not knowing what comes next.

Though we all yearn to know.