Best Wishes

​At a certain point in our lives,

We all enter a new phase. 

Men get married to their wives,

Women bear children to brighten their days. 

I know a woman,

Who recently pleged to live with a man,

Her mom walked her down the aisle,

Followed by her bridesmaids in single file. 

She overcame all the obstacles 

That sought to slow her down,

And her special day was quite a spectacle. 

She made her away across town,

To be blessed by those too ill to witness the event.

That in itself, was another round of emotions,

Which moved all who were present. 

Later she made her way to the reception,

Where people continued to bless the happy couple.

Now, they embark on a new journey,

Just the two, with time that is ample.

I wish them days that are always bright and sunny,

No matter what the weather may be outside. 

I wish them a blessed life,

And forever be a happy man and wife.