​She goes through life like it’s a dream.

She does not want to voice her opinions,

Because no one can be satisfied.

She does not want to speak her thoughts,

Because feelings are hurt. 

She does not want to hear what people think about her,

Because she could not care less of what they think. 
She knows that this is reality.

She is opiniated,

And her voice satisfies no one.

Her thoughts are spoke aloud,

And emotions are hurt. 

She hears what people think about her,

But is so used to the judgments,

It all rolls off her. 
All she wants to do is make people happy,

But no one is ever satisfied by what she does.

Her opinions and thoughts don’t matter

Because someone else’s thoughts and opinions

Have greater effect on people.

She wants to be heard. 

She wants to be seen. 

But she’s just a shadow, 

Going through life in a dream,

With no one beside her. 



Disappointment filled her eyes,

As she learned of what had happened.

Lies, half-truths and deception

Were means he often used to get his way.

A boy, barely a man,

Who grew up too fast, without her realising it.

She tried to slow it down

But, that was a catalyst that brought him to his ruin.

She feared that nothing could save him.

She did not possess the ability to change his ways,

She always felt incompetent in front of him.

All she could do was set him free,

And allow him to grow out of the defiance.

All she could do was set him free,

And hope for the best.
He was just a boy,

Looking for her approval.

He craved for the attention

That was wrapped up in other people around him.

He told lies, half-truths and deceieved everyone

To get what he thought he needed and deserved.

Though he was barely an adult,

He saw that he was on a path to his ruin.

He sees the fear in her eyes,

The fear that he’s beyond saving.

He finally has her attention, and he is ready to change.

She set him free, and he faltered.

He believed he was beyond saving too,

All the hope he had, was gone.

Seperated and alone,

They learnt that communication was key.

They sought each other out,

And they found their way to each other.

Afraid to say anything yet,

They embraced.

They built up the confidence to say something,

And they finally talked.

He told her he would stop the deception,

She realised that all he needed was her approval.

But it was too late.

He had already done his part,

He was beyond saving,

Talking wouldn’t have helped him.

He was lost forever.