​I see things in black and white. 

Monochromatic screens that wipe out 

All the colour that is supposed to brighten up my life.

I look up to the sky and see grey,

I look all around me and see black and white, 

Or the grey middle area. 

I hear people talk of colour in their lives,

The bright sunny yellows, the deep blue seas,

The green trees, the red roses.

All I see is dull grey skies, black seas,

Dark grey trees and even darker roses.
I suddenly notice the brightest splash of colour

For the first time in my life. 

I wonder what it is,

And am immediately drawn to it. 

It’s in the form of a T-shirt,

On a boy with the face the could light up the world with a smile. 

I stare at the colour in awe

And follow it like a beacon beckoning me.

He stops and I get close enough to look at the colour that blinded me.

He notices me staring and a look of confusion crosses his face.

I reach my hand out and touch the colour.
All of a sudden my hand changes from a grey 

To a colour I cannot yet describe. 

A sudden explosion in the form of colours take place,

Spreading from my finger on the boy to the rest of me.

The ground I stand on changes colour,

The sky above me changes colour,

People all around have changed from grey

To diffenret shades of the colour of my skin.

I look up and I finally see the blue sky,

I finally see the bright yellow of the sun,

I finally see flowers with a variety of colours and shades.
I remember the boy in front of me,

He looks at me with big brown eyes

That draw me in.

His eyes seem to be asking me questions

That were unuttered by the mouth.

I smile at him and he returns it willingly.



​Searching for an escape

From a reality that does not belong to me,

I wonder what it would mean,

If I leave it all behind. 

Searching for an escape

From the monotony that is life,

I wonder what it would mean,

If I change it’s consistency.
I find myself getting lost,

In a world that does not belong to me.

I find myself getting lost,

In lives that do not belong to me.
I wonder what it all means,

To be found wandering, and looking,

At the people around me.

I notice the changes in their tones, 

But, none in mine. 

I notice the actions that effect their lives,

But, the significant actions in mine,

Have such minuscule effects.
I exist in a world that does not see me,

Does not seem to know that I exist.

So, I find myself searching,

For an esacpe from a reality 

That does not belong to me. 


​Looking from the outside,

Not seeing where you belong.

A transparent glass that separates

You, from everyone else.

You try to fit in,

But you don’t know how.

No one understands you, 

And you understand no one.

An isolation that is thrust upon you

And you don’t know how to get rid of it,

You feel stranded in a place

Where you are alone with your thoughts.

Thoughts that make you wonder,

Thoughts that make you unsure,

Thoughts that make you feel like you’re alone,

And looking from the outside.