The Other Side

​Darkness filled the room,

On that cold, stormy night.

The wind was howling,

And the thunder was roaring.

Lightning lit up the room,

And that’s when I saw him.

An opaque figure appeared on my mirror,

A countenance, so melancholic and so beautiful, 

I had to catch my breath.

His eyes, were as black as coal,

And, his lips, the colour of blood. 

I lost all my senses as I was lost in that wan, exceptional face.

He streched a hand out.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Come”, he said, in a voice so melodious and deep.

He beckoned me to come close, 

And I took a step forward,

I was drawn to his beauty,

He smiled from the other side of the glass,

And I had to get close.

I felt a cool air,

Something brushed against my skin 

I tried to see what it was,

But my eyes would not leave 

The face that seemed to light up that cold, dark room.

He stretched out his arm, I stretched out mine.

It was only the glass seprating our fingers. 

The melancholy from his face was seeping through the glass,

Sending waves of sadness and pain into the room

I suddenly felt the touch, 

Of skin that was too cold.

I knew something was wrong, 

But his beauty drew me in.

He clasped my hand and pulled.

The howling and the roaring ceased. 

I stood on the wrong side of the mirror,

I searched for the face that brought me to this place,

But, I was alone. 

Stuck in a place filled with a sadness that did not belong to me.

Stuck in a place where the cold 

Seemed to be the only thing I could feel.

Stuck in oblivion.